Currently, the Series L0 and Series L0 Improved version are operating on the Yamanashi Maglev Line. Series L0, started running in 2013, is the first-generation vehicle built with specifications for commercial services.Series L0 improved version, started running in 2020, is the further brushed up version built based on various test data acquired from the original Series L0.

  • Series L0 Improved version

  • Series L0

Specifications of the Series L0 Improved version

operational speed
Passenger capacity
Up to 24 for leading cars and up to 60 for middle cars
Car length
91.8ft for leading cars and 79.7ft for middle cars
Car width
Car Height
Car material
Aluminum alloy
Approx. 25 metric tons (for one middle car)

Note: These are specifications for Yamanashi Maglev Line, and not for the vehicles for commercial operation.

Main features of the Series L0 Improved version

Optimized nose shape
The nose shape has been optimized, based on the results of running tests carried out with the original Series L0 train, to reduce air resistance by approx. 13%, thereby lowering power consumption and outside noise.
The front vision camera and front light, installed at the nose section in the original Series L0, have been relocated to higher positions to improve front visibility.
Full use of the inductive 
power transmission method
The Series L0 improved version has fully adopted inductive power transmission method, which was developed as the specification for operational vehicle. This has eliminated the use of gas turbines, installed in leading cars for the original Series L0.
*The Maglev Technological Practicality Evaluation Committee determined in September 2011 that the inductive power transmission technology used in the Superconducting Maglev has been established sufficiently for practical use as on-board power source.

Interior of the Series L0 improved version

  • Interior
    The interior is designed with white as the base color to make the inside look brighter. Membrane materials are used to reduce sound reflections inside.
  • Seats
    Seats are wider with a higher backrest, and features the base that sinks deeper when reclined, boosting the level of comfort for passengers compared to the original Series L0.