SCMAGLEV – Quantum Leap in Transportation

Half a century has passed since the first Tokaido Shinkansen, known as the bullet train, embarked on its maiden journey and innovated the way of transportation. Today, the bullet trains operated by JR Central carry nearly 466 thousand passengers daily at speeds of 177mph. Now, in this 21st century, JR Central is taking a quantum leap of advancements and innovation with the revolutionary Superconducting Maglev (SCMAGLEV) technology. We have already started the construction of new 311 mph Chuo Shinkansen to connect Japan’s two major cities, Tokyo and Osaka, in 67 minutes. By inheriting the DNA of our bullet train, SCMAGLEV technology will further improve people’s lifestyles and the economy. It is not just Japan anymore. Innovative SCMAGLEV technology will bring the world closer together, enrich lives, and advance our societies starting with the United States. Connecting New York and Washington DC in one hour, a new line will bring new possibilities to the US and the world. Move into the future with SCMAGLEV.

Intersted in the project in the United States?