Launch stages

Process of determining the Nagoya - Osaka route and locations of stations

In the environmental assessment stage prior to the commencement of construction, we will determine the Nagoya - Osaka route so that it is as close to a straight line as possible to take maximum advantage of Superconducting Maglev's characteristics within topographical, geological and environmental constraints. JR Central is exploring suitable locations for stations in view of ease of user access and lower costs of construction. The environmental assessment procedures for the Nagoya - Osaka section are due to start approximately 4 years prior to the commencement of construction.

Construction on the Nagoya – Osaka route

The construction on the Nagoya – Osaka route will begin after live operation between Shinagawa and Nagoya, for which the Construction Implementation Plan has already been approved by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
A fixed low-interest long-term loan obtained through the Fiscal Investment and Loan Program (FILP) allows JR Central to reduce business risks, while ensuring management and investment autonomy and securing sound business management and stable dividend payments. Accordingly, as soon as the operation launches up to Nagoya, extension work to Osaka will commence immediately, accelerating the timeframe of full operation launch by as much as eight years.