World-leading speed

  • It blew my mind.
  • It's like you’re in the
    22nd century.
  • It's almost a step
    towards teleportation.

These elated passengers experienced a 311-mph ride on the world’s fastest train – Japan’s SCMaglev (Superconducting Maglev), which achieved a Guinness world record of 374 mph on April 21, 2015.

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Smooth, comfortable ride

  • It’s more comfortable
    than a plane.
  • It's like you’re on a sofa
    or bed. It's fantastic.
  • I started falling asleep
    a little bit.
    It was really comfortable.

SCMaglev rides on wheels up to 93 mph and then almost imperceptibly starts floating about 4 inches above the track for a super smooth and comfortable ride that becomes even more stable at 311 mph.

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Peace of mind

  • There’s no way to derail
    and it feels very safe.
  • I felt so secure. You don't
    need seatbelts or anything.
  • Transporting people
    without a human driving is
    absolutely amazing.

Improving upon safety technology from the Shinkansen bullet train, which is renowned for its extremely safe and precise operation, SCMaglev adopts a highly accurate and reliable "automatic train operation system" that regulates train speed from a ground control room.

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Solid, proven technology

  • I didn’t realize that it’s so
    developed here.
  • I thought it was still in
    development, but it's mature.
  • The high-speed version was
    essentially commercialized

All technologies required for commercial SCMaglev service have been developed and the maglev line between Tokyo and Nagoya is now under construction.

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High expectations

  • It’s a revolutionary change,
    not an evolutionary one.
  • Technology like this would
    really improve the lives of
    a lot of Americans.
  • I can have lunch in New York
    City and be back in DC
    by 2:30 in the afternoon

Passengers were sure SCMaglev would revolutionize travel in the US Northeast Corridor, which links Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York and other major cities. What do you think?

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· This video was created with special permission from JR Central Yamanashi Maglev Center and Yamanashi Prefectural Maglev Exhibition Center.